GSA Schedule 70

This Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) vehicle allows Avum to be included with an elite group of other highly qualified businesses for federal agency contracts only available to Schedule 70 vehicle holders. Through this contract vehicle, Avum provides information technology hardware and software products and services directly to federal agencies. Schedule 70 guarantees the services deliver the latest and most advanced technology to the customer, while offering them the most competitive rates, providing a high probability of complete customer satisfaction.

Contract Number: GS-35F-0683P

  • Special Item No. 132-32: Term Software Licenses
  • Special Item No. 132-33: Perpetual Software Licenses
  • Special Item No. 132-34: Maintenance of Software
  • Special Item No. 132-51: Information Technology (IT) Professional Services

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Some of our services through Schedule 70 include:

  • Application Development
  • Integration Database Design
  • Maintenance Facilities Operation
  • Maintenance Network Services
  • Security Project Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Design