Cyber Security

Avum is one of the nation’s premier providers of cyber security. We provide our customers with specialized, highly adaptable, secure solutions while minimizing cost. We specialize in enhanced, integrated security support, including virtualization and cloud computing, computer and network design, implementation, and operations, legacy support, frameworks, middleware, and workflow services. The continuing, rapid evolution of technology and increasing use of remote networks to store, access, and transmit critical data creates the need to stay ahead of potential cyber security threats with robust, cutting edge technology.

Our cyber security experts develop and implement the most advanced cyber security technologies, techniques, processes, methodologies and tools to ensure the protection and security of critical data and information. Our cyber security experts have extensive experience in core training areas to ensure that vulnerabilities are minimized while maximizing the ability to detect, prevent, and neutralize threats to cyber security.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyber security operations centers
  • Computer network operations
  • Computer forensics and exploitation
  • Counter-intrusion support
  • Analysis documentation of and adaptation to emerging security threats


Industry Services

  • Supporting Framework >

    We provide the framework and infrastructure for full and distributed system support for service organizations and for production companies from point of origin to the consumer, across industries. Point of origin can be anything from agricultural produce to assembly line products, with consumers ranging from grocery shoppers to government workers providing contract management.
  • Services >

    Our services transect all industries in our purview and consist of a plethora of computer-based solutions. Avum solutions include Service Oriented Architecture, High Availability Websites and Web-Based Applications. These solutions serve Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Trade Promotions, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Data & Server Management, Defense Engineering and Space Systems & Technology.
  • Products >

    Our products cover three general categories: Hosted Business Intelligence (BI) with associated data repositories; Integration Server & Components with established proprietary components; Frameworks and Custom Engineered Solutions built on extensive background and experience.
  • Financial >

    Avum system development infrastructure can support financial services across all industries, including the financial industry, to include such institutions as banks, savings and loans and brokerage houses. Our Web-based products provide corporate-level tools to integrate financial services for analysis and research, and underlying financial planning and management advice. Our framework incorporates population of and access to comprehensive data repositories used to automate accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial statements. Reports are standardized with the additional capability to create ad hoc reports having floating formats.
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