Big-Data Analytics

In the rapidly changing and expanding environments in which modern business occurs, the need for data analytics has never been greater. As the cost of data-warehousing continues to plummet, many corporations are shifting away from the antiquated concept of "useful data" to that of the collection of seemingly disparate data. This increase in data presents a new problem: analytics. Leveraging technologies such as Hadoop, Hbase, and HyperTable, we have created an Intelligent Agent framework that allows big-data analytics to be conducted in a manner never before experienced.

Our framework deviates from the standard use of the MapReduce paradigm, commonly used by eliminating a single static or heuristic algorithm, instead using a network of Intelligent Agents (IA's). When used for analytics, each agent in an Intelligent Agent Framework performs its uniquely programmed task while communicating its results to other agents, resulting in a dynamically collaborative IA system. Within this framework, each agent's action directly affects the action of one or more other agents; resulting in the IA framework correlating seemingly unrelated data to find logic in the chaos of the big-data. The MapReduce job can then be run to perform further data reduction required to provide meaningful answers for the users.



Our Solution Services

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    Our results-oriented management and highly trained and skilled staff deliver products and services within budget and on schedule. Management methodologies we use include: CMMI-based Integrated Product & Process (IPPD) team approach, Agile/Scrum methodology applied to life-cycle design and implementation, and Kanban just-in-time development.
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    At Avum, we continue to pursue the application of our unique expertise in developing both government and commercial distributed applications. We work diligently to ensure government and commercial agencies not only meet their business goals, but gain meaningful earned value through our innovative solutions. Our solutions have frequently proven to save clients millions of dollars per year.
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    Whether we are adapting system frameworks to satisfy specific requirements or supporting our clients in running their IT systems, our technical leadership and collaborative abilities ensure results that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our team building expertise has been proven on systems engineering in support of defense engineering, space systems, and distributed web-based e-Government and e-Commerce applications.
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