Avum Provides System Engineering and Expert-Level C&A Support on the DON CMRA for the Department of the Navy Manpower, Reserve Affairs

The Department of the Navy Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (DON CMRA) is used to track all Navy contracts worldwide. The Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) uses the DON CMRA to view and report a wide collection of data to analyze contract spending to help determine spending projections for the future. DASN (AP) needed Avum’s services in system engineering and expert-level Certification and Accreditation (C&A) support on this project to facilitate development of the DON CMRA and to meet the requirements for being granted Authority to Operate (ATO) in a challenging timeframe.

In addition, Avum maintains and operates the DON CMRA system, adhering to NMCI compliance standards, while optimizing database and code performance. Avum supplied the accreditation support, software maintenance, version updates, system testing, development of training materials and general technical support required to ensure the validity and quality of DON CMRA-specific data and reports generated for regular analysis by SECNAV. Avum also complies with Navy security requirements and maintains the DON CMRA’s accreditation by continuing to monitor and remediate any Information Assurance Vulnerabilities.  The Avum team works closely with SPAWAR Pacific’s Network Enterprise Data Center (NEDC) team to ensure security of the system and confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Avum’s main focus on the Department of the Navy Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (DON CMRA) project for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy/Acquisitions and Procurement (DASN (AP)) was to provide a rapid deployment of the application and database system to a Network Enterprise Data Center (NEDC), to complete a full DIACAP accreditation leading to an Authority to Operate, and provide, administration and management of the system including data collection/report analysis, and supportive system upgrades and enhancements. When our engineers started the DON CMRA project, they had to hit the ground running as there was a very marginal transition time to engineer the contract reporting application, harden the application to high security standards, and deploy the system for use by the DON contracting community to meet a congressional mandate of the beginning of fiscal year 2013. Our team had to quickly identify, build, and document all the necessary components of the system, engineer configuration and database interaction, and create a new development environment from scratch.

Avum’s efforts on the DON CMRA project have met and exceeded customer expectations. The DON CMRA deployment was an extremely high-visibility project for the US Navy. The DON CMRA Project Team led by Avum selected the SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific NEDC, then engineered the DON CMRA to optimally function within the high-security data center, and transitioned the application through the NMCI Execution Discipline For System Transition (EDFST) in a minimum time frame prior to 01-Oct-2012.