Avum Awarded 5 Additional Years to Support the Navy Fleet & Family Service Centers Internet-Based Information Management System (FFSMIS)

At the start of fiscal year 2014, Avum was awarded a five year follow-on contract to continue providing Web application development and business intelligence reporting to the Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) for support of the Fleet & Family Service Centers (FFSC) Internet-Based Information Management System (FFSMIS). 

The Commander, Navy Installation Command’s (CNIC) Fleet Family Support Programs Management Information System (FFSMIS) case management system is used to track child and spousal abuse incidents for the Counseling and Advocacy Management Systems at 71 sites worldwide. The CNIC uses FFSMIS to view and report collected data to analyze trends and metrics and to help determine data projections for the future. Avum enhanced FFSMIS to support new report and agency collaboration requirements for data submission and report generation to the Defense Manpower Data Center for quarterly Department of Defense collation.

Since 2008, Avum has been providing the CNIC with global web development service through software maintenance for the current FFSMIS environment, as well as administration and management of the system, including data collection, report analysis, supportive system upgrades, and enhancements. These objectives required that Avum perform system maintenance to include mitigation of both ongoing and emerging system issues through monitoring the FFSMIS electronic tracking system. Avum was called on to provide analysis and evaluation to adhere to CNIC’s new requirements for data collection and analysis, as well as support for report generation using Business Objects, while providing recommendations to promote and maintain system efficiency.

Since being entrusted with responsibility for the FFSMIS sustainment, Avum has established and iteratively improved a process to enable controlled FFSMIS development and continuing maintenance. Avum has brought the system of 2008 from an environment of nondeterministic change management and unstable, difficult to maintain code base to a level of support required by CNIC providing the Fleet & Family Service Centers (FFSC) with a stable and reliable application.

The improvements were carefully planned and accomplished in a stepwise fashion to allow for written process to precede and drive each development task. The objective was simple; improve efficiency and lower maintenance cost through modularizing and simplifying the code. 

Avum is excited and honored to be able to continue working to maintain and improve the FFSMIS application.