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Jerry Hill, Advisory Staff - Senior Science Advisor

“At Avum, we strive for technical excellence through team building in collaboration with our customers daily. We anchor everything in honesty and integrity with a desire to provide outstanding products and services.”

Jerry Hill joined Avum in 2008, bringing over 35 years industry experience to our team. As the company's Senior Science Advisor, he oversees Avum's Life Cycle Engineering processes, assisting with the management of numerous projects, in addition to ongoing proposal efforts. He plays a key role in product development and engineering for Avum with a primary focus on further developing the company’s engineering processes.

Hill makes it his business to stay well-informed of latest industry best practices in project management and related processes, from Structured Analysis & Design, to Object Oriented Analysis & Design, including the related tools to eliminate defects during the design stage. He studies and evaluates development models and is an enthusiastic proponent of our IPPD team development approach. His career has spanned our industry's transition through methodologies, including "Water Fall", "Spiral Model", "Agile/Scrum", and "Kanban", to all of which he has applied common sense tailoring in conforming to customer requirements and needs. In many cases, Hill had been applying these methodologies before the books on them had been written.

As project manager for two Navy contracts and an integral part of the new business and proposal team, Hill leads his Avum team to excellence through strategic collaboration and customer involvement.

Hill graduated from Hope College, Holland, MI in 1961 with a BA in Mathematics, and minors in Physics, English and History. Jerry learned computer programming on his own and taught computer systems to Air Force officers "blue suiting" North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) Headquarters deep in Cheyenne Mt. in Colorado Springs.

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