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    With a culture moving ever faster into a completely digital age, the handwritten word is becoming far less common. We at Avum understand that the act of handwriting is not only a valuable aspect of human culture, but is also greatly beneficial to our intellectual development, especially at a young age. It is the understanding and sharing of this sentiment here at Avum that made us the right choice to spearhead the development of Project Learning Curve, a creative application being used in a commercial for the Domtar paper company, aimed at revolutionizing education one handwritten line at a time.

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The constant evolution of technology and media are quickly transforming the entertainment industry. Avum's creative design expertise coupled with their end-to-end technology capabilities provide imaginative solutions such as website and mobile application design as well as technical solutions such as intelligent, cost-effective data-analytics, cyber security solutions and digital asset management for your business. Spending on filmed entertainment alone is forecast to reach $113.1 billion worldwide and here in North America, the world’s largest production region, spending is expected to rise to $50.3 billion -- a compound annual growth rate of 5.2 percent. This massive growth is a part of an ever expanding and evolving industry, ripe with opportunity for innovation. 

We have extensive experience across the entire video and film value chain. We offer a full set of services -- from strategy and execution through optimizing a global delivery model. Drawing on our IT and industry backgrounds, we help entertainment studios achieve digital transformation and expand into new markets. Whether it is digital asset management, cyber security or digital rights management, Avum is defining the way the entertainment industry benefits from global services.

Avum also has experience in providing the design and development for creative projects, a case in point can be seen above. For Project Learning Curve, Avum built an educational iPad application that is used to assist young students in furthering their handwriting education. Avum not only produced the application, but also designed the cloud architecture and contributed to the aesthetic design, aiding Project Learning Curve to receive a Silver Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2015 (click here). Avum possesses a unique team of both designers and developers, and whether it be designing apps, building websites, or inventing something new, Avum is constantly looking for new domains in which to inject its unique set of skills.

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